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Sound Warrior

Sound Warrior


SOUND WARRIOR was established by Shiroshita Industrial Co. Ltd..  The company has been manufacturing audio products in Japan since 1966. SOUND WARRIOR has developed many OEM / ODM audio projects since the 21st century, she has been suppling headphones and audio systems to schools and companies in both Japan and United States.
All SOUND WARRIOR products are manufactures in Japan with excellent quality assurance.  We are very proud of the quality of her products.


Support & Warranty

Beetles Design provides 1 year warranty (from the date of purchase) for SoundWarrior products with the following terms and conditions:

1. The products must be purchased from our authorized dealers in Hong Kong and Macau.

2. Customer must be able to present the original invoice and the warranty sticker on the packaging.

3. Warranty will not cover any units which have been altered, damaged by misuse, accidents, dampness, insects or animals.

4. Customer is responsible for the transportation of the unit for repair.

5. Beetles Design will have the final deciding authority in any event of dispute.

6. All terms and conditions, stated and implied, are subject to change without notice.

Beetles Design can help customers who want to repair any Sound Warrior products which are out-of-warranty.  Here are the procedures:

1. Contact us about the products to be repaired.  We will start a repair case once accepted.

2. The products will be shipped to the factory of Sound Warrior in Japan for inspection by our choice of shipper.  Customers must pay for both the outbound shipping cost and return shipping cost.

3. We will provide quotations of the repair costs.  If customers choose to proceed with repairs, they need to pay for the full repair cost.

4. The product will be shipped back when they are repaired, or if customers choose not to proceed with repairs.

5. We will contact customers to collect the repaired products upon arrival to our local warehouse.

Sound Warrior Support & Warranty
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