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Wood Dome In-Ear Earphone

SRP HKD 4680

11mm Wood Dome Carbon Diaphragm Driver units

Acoustic Purifier

Wood Housing & Chrome-Plated Brass Inner Housing

Natural Silk Sound Absorbing Material

4N OFC Groove Cables with L/R Isolated Grounding

MMCX Detachable

Impedance: 16Ω

Frequency Response: 6Hz - 52kHz

Max Input Capacity: 200mW (IEC)

Sensitivity: 103dB/1kHz, 1mW

1.2m Y-shape MMCX connector 4N OFC groove cables with L/R Isolated Grounding

Inside the box: Spiral Dot+ Earpieces (S/MS/M/ML/L) / Carrying Case x 1

Made in Japan

Download User Manual
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